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The Current Scenario of Online Betting in India


With the advancement of the internet, there have been so many opportunities to earn money online. Online Betting in India, a unique opportunity that’s caught the attention of many is through online betting websites. One such prominent name that resonates with many is “Badshah Affiliate”. Let’s dive deep and understand this more.

The Current Scenario of Online Betting in India:

India’s love for games isn’t new. Traditional games like Teen Patti have always been loved by many. But today, thanks to the internet, these games have found a new playground – online platforms. However, if you’re in India and thinking about diving into online betting, it’s crucial to know that each state in India has different regulations related to online betting. Some states are welcoming, while others have restrictions.

How to Find a Trustworthy Betting Website:

Like many things on the internet, there’s an abundance of betting sites available in India. However, quality varies. Among the many, “Badshah Affiliate” has set itself apart. They have a reputation for being transparent, offering a vast selection of games, and most importantly, ensuring timely payments.

Steps to Become an Affiliate in Online Betting in India:

Joining as an affiliate isn’t complex. Here’s a breakdown:

Start by visiting your preferred online betting platform.

Look for sections titled ‘Affiliate’ or ‘Partnership’.

Fill out the required details and sign up.

With platforms like Badshah Affiliate, approval means you’ll be provided with marketing

materials(this includes custom banners and unique links that you can use for


Techniques to Share Your Affiliate Links Efficiently:

Promoting your links is the key. Here’s a guide on how:

  1. Content Creation: Craft detailed articles related to online betting and embed your unique link within.
  1. Harness the Power of Social Media: Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are potential goldmines. Engage with audiences, share latest updates, and interact to spread the word.
  1. Video Creation: Visual content resonates well. Create informative videos on betting, tutorials, or reviews. Highlighting the benefits of Badshah Affiliate in your videos can

instill trust in your viewers.

  1. SEO: Ensure that your content, be it articles or videos, are optimized for search engines like Google. This helps in increasing visibility.
  1. Transparency is Key: It’s vital to maintain integrity. Always share legitimate information. Encourage safe and responsible betting.
  1. Monitor Your Progress: Platforms like Badshah Affiliate offer insights into your performance. Regularly check to know what strategies are fruitful and which ones need revision.
  1. Understanding Payment Mechanisms: Each platform might have its own set of payment rules. Some might pay for each referral, while others might have a revenue-sharing model. Familiarize yourself to avoid any payment hiccups.
  1. Continuous Learning: The online betting world is dynamic. New games, offers, and trends pop up regularly. Stay updated to ensure you’re always sharing the latest with your audience.


India offers a fertile ground for online betting affiliations. When considering this avenue, it’s beneficial to align with reputed names like Badshah Affiliate. Understand your target group, maintain transparency in promotions, and with dedication and smart strategies, you’ll find a rewarding online venture.

Wishing you immense success with Badshah Affiliate!

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